Pretoria Central Fire Station

About: Pretoria Central Fire Station

Adress: Cnr Bosman and Minnaar Streets, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, Gauteng
Telephone: 012 310 6300

Your Fire Brigade in Gauteng, Pretoria Central.

Our mission in Pretoria, Pretoria Central for the Fire Brigade Division is to prosper in a safe environment that enables the community to save lives when providing a comprehensive fire-fighting, rescue and fire safety services to prevent property losses as well as to coordinate resources to identify and reduce risks and to minimise the impact of disasters in an around Gauteng, Pretoria.

The function of the Fire Brigade is to render a community-focused fire safety, firefighting and rescue service to prevent loss of life and property losses resulting from any natural or man-made occurrence. To achieve the goals and to comply with certain laws, in particular the Constitution, the division provides the following essential services:

An important function of the Fire Brigade Division is to provide a fire safety service to reduce and prevent loss of life and property

The division`s Fire Safety Section identifies, prevents, reduces and eliminates hazards that contribute to the occurrence of fires. It also enforces regulations and standards for static fire suppression mechanisms in buildings and other installations to minimise the spread of fire.